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February 2012…Doomsday on the way? Nahhh.

Hello…yes, I know I have been absent for a long while.  No excuses except life just caught up with me in sooooooo many ways I can’t even count them.  LOL.  Long story short – got a job last spring, worked hard on the garden, etc and the job last summer and then lost job again in October.  Teenager problems with my eldest boy, on their way to being resolved for good, I hope.  My car died on me and without a job that presented a real problem.  Goddess always provides the way though and we now have a wonderful minivan with lots more space.  The Holidays snuck up on me and without money, those are never fun.  We made it through though and wow, now where did January go???

It is now February and we have had no winter to speak of save for a few nights down in the 20’s.  No snow.  No hard freeze of the ground.  It has been so warm the daffodils are blooming and the apple trees are budding out.  Makes me wonder if this is the new “normal” they keep talking about.  You know about the poles shifting, right?  The North Pole has shifted to the West, towards Russia and is doing so at about 40 miles a year.  Not only is it going to affect our weather patterns but it will affect bird migrations and your GPS.  It caused the Tampa airport to have to rename all of their runways because they are named based upon the compass headings they point to, the compass moved 1 degree last year alone.  The USDA has also come out with new planting zone guidelines based upon these earth changing events.  I may have to move…LOL.  I like to have a definable winter, spring, summer and fall.   I’m not sure I am ready for these kinds of changes, but I guess Mother Earth has other ideas…..

Do I believe in the 2012 Mayan end of the world prophecy?  Hmmmm….that is a tough one.  They seemed to believe in it enough to document it.  But there are so many doomsday prophecies everywhere and in every major religion it’s enough to confuse you and frighten you if you let it overwhelm you.  Not to mention there is so much incredible (and unbelievably crazy) information on the net about The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI)  and the 2012 prophecy that it can overwhelm you and make you nuts even if you tend to fall on the saner side of life.  (No tinfoil hats in this house…lol)  I tend to believe that there will be some sort of worldwide economic collapse before there will be a collapse on a planetary doomsday scale.  Economically, we are all heading over a cliff and Mother Earth won’t have a thing to do with that…..but that’s another blog…lol.   That said, if you read anything about what is going on with Mother Earth, if you follow earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. you can see that there is an uptick in all of that activity.   Volcanoes everywhere, on every continent and little island seem to be becoming more active.  The tectonic plates are moving and the Pacific ring of fire seems to be well lit these days.  All of this is probably very normal on the Earth’s evolutionary scale, which if you think about it, humans are a very small part of that scale.  If you want to see a visual what kind of EQ activity I am talking about you can go to Intellicast’s interactive weather map and click on the EQ button under tab “overlays”.  The USGS has a good site too, but the Intellicast map is a better visual, I think.  For Volcano activity you can check out this link.  So much goes on with our planet every day and you never hear about it, do you?  By no means am I any kind of “expert” knowledgeable about this stuff, I just do a lot of reading because it interests me.  I always encourage folks to learn about what is going on around them and that includes the rest of the world, not just their little corner of it.  Also, I have a sort of weird(?) fascination with weather and natural disasters anyway…lol.

That brings me to another topic I am going to be talking about more and more as the year moves on….personal and family preparedness.  It is a subject close to my heart and in my humble opinion, it is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family.  To be prepared for whatever is coming our way, be it a natural disaster or one of man’s own making, such as an economic collapse of the system or goddess forbid, nuclear accident (did you hear about the 2 US nuclear facilities with problems this week?).  I never used to think about it….how would my family survive if the unthinkable occurred? A lot of my friends poo-poo me on this stuff when I post it on FB.  They think things like this don’t happen in America.  But they DO.  Economically, the Great Depression.  Nature…think Katrina.  Think Mount St. Helens.  Think Tornadoes.  Think Earthquakes.  You don’t have to have the 2012 prophecy occur for TEOTWAWKI to occur.  Think of what would happen if the economy and the dollar collapses.  Do you know what that would mean for you and your family?  Think about that.  We are already living with increasing inflation….increased food and gas costs, etc.  We live in a very short supply country, even though we seem to have things/food in abundance.  Do we really?   Think about it.  Are you prepared?