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Friday the 13th Ramble

Woo hooo!  It’s Friday the 13th!  I’ve always loved Friday the 13th’s….LOL.  I know, I’m strange.  I’ve always found them fun and usually interesting.  Do you ever wonder how many things happen to people on these Fridays simply because they are trying sooooooo hard to avoid something happening to them?  It can be amusing 🙂  For me, it’s just another Friday and truthfully, I’ve never had any bad luck or evil doings befall me on a Friday the 13th.   I like to think the Laws of Attraction are at work here…..if you think and want positive stuff in your life, then that is what you will have.  If you go around thinking the sky is going to fall today because of the date, well then….watch out!

I know my day today is going to be busy in the kitchen and probably on the computer too.  I have breads for tomorrow’s market to make and TinMan is busily putting together some new teas for us to take so that means label and info card making.  I should have worked on these things some yesterday but I was exhausted yesterday.  We made the trip to Maryland on Wednesday that I spoke of in my Job Interview post update earlier in the week.  It’s a 5+ hour drive up there, which wasn’t bad going up, but we timed things just right and left during 5pm “rush” hour.  Ugh.  Ain’t no way anyone was “rushing” anywhere.  Can you say “parking lot?” We left the restaurant in Laurel, MD at about 5:15pm and it took us until after 7pm to get out of Northern VA.  Ugh.  We finally pulled into the driveway at midnight.  Lesson learned….eat, drink and be merry and THEN, leave DC after “rush” hour!!  Or rent a room.  Or go bug a “little sis” and beg a room in her new house in Bristow, VA!

HOWEVER…..the trip was definitely worth the time and added day of exhaustion.  I GOT THE JOB!!!  I will be starting my new job on May 23rd and I’m very excited.  I like the company that I will be working for and the people too.  To me that is just as important as liking the job.  What good does it do to have a good job if you can’t stand the folks you work for???  I’ve been there and done that….no fun.  So….anyway, this job will allow me to have the best of both worlds hopefully.  I get to work from home, sitting right here at my desk….can’t ask for better than that.  Do you get to work in your sweats and pink bunny slippers?  (TinMan will probably find me some of those and they will appear beside the bed one morning to make me laugh).  I can put on my “business voice” as my son’s call it and still be sitting here with my night shirt on and my hair standing up on end……hehehehehehe.  Truthfully though, I think I will enjoy the job.  I have done Worker’s Compensation Case Management before and enjoyed it a lot.  It can be a very positive and rewarding job if you do it the right way.  It’s not a perfect job by any means, but then I haven’t found that job yet in all my searches sooo…..if anyone does, please let me know what it is :0) I like getting people back to work.  I like using my nursing knowledge and skills.  I like talking to people.  This job allows me to still be a nurse and work at home in my bunny slippers  and yak all I want to folks….LOL….can’t beat it.

Well, I guess I’d better get going, lots to do today!  Not sure which breads I’m going to make either….LOL.  So I’d better get moving and figure it out.

Have a FUN and blessed Friday the 13th!!