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My gosh it’s been awhile since I have written on here!!  As we can all see the world did NOT end on December 21, 2012…LOL.   I’m just as glad that it didn’t because I would have been too busy to notice.   A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same here on the farm.  We have sort of changed our focus a little bit, we will still be raising herbs for Rod’s medicinals as we always have but we have now added on some animals.   We are now raising Angora goats.  A lot of you reading this will have already seen my babies on my FB page.

How did we get into Angora goats?  Well, we were looking for something else to do on the farm that would help us to be more self sufficient in the future.  We thought about goats because Rod spent some time with a cousin who had dairy goats and he really enjoyed working with and caring for them.  Several friends of ours already have dairy goats and we wanted something different so I started researching.  I decided that I did not want to do Boer goats (for meat) because they get too big and also I didn’t think I could send a goat I had raised from a baby off to slaughter.  In my research I came across Angora goats.  They are not so big, they have absolutely beautiful fleece – like sheep, and their fleece is called Mohair.  It is soft and lustrous and most can be worn next to the skin in sweaters, socks, scarves and hats.  So…I thought, I am a crafty person and I love learning new things so why not raise Angoras for fleece?  I can learn to spin and have always wanted to learn to weave.  One thing led to another and we eventually traveled to two Angora goat farms here in Virginia, Peavine Hollow Farm and Kid Hollow Farm.  Peavine raises all white Angoras and Kid Hollow raises colored Angoras.   Both of them were wonderful and I highly recommend contacting them if you are in this area and want Angoras.   I knew the moment I saw the colored Angoras that they were what I wanted…..of course all of the precious new baby kids with all of the red, brown and black curls helped!   I arranged to purchase a starter flock from Pat Harder at Kid Hollow and we brought them home in early March.  Our first three were Hey Jude, Dear Prudence and Maggie.  We obtained three more a month later when a FB friend needed to decrease his herd.  They are Spice and her doeling Brighid and Mocha.  Mocha has become our herd Queen.

So we have been very busy with our new critters since they came to us, putting up new fencing, arranging barns, building a shearing stanchion, etc.  Prior to this in January we lost a Pygmy doe, Lily, in birth.  We were able to save one of her kids, Sam.  Sam was bottle fed and lived in the house for almost 6 weeks.  That was an experience!  The little bugger still thinks he is a house goat and is sooooo sweet.  In the middle of all of that our young Pygmy doe, Izzy, presented us with triplet doelings with her first freshening at the end of April.   I have posted pics of all of our latest additions below.

Now I just have to find myself a spinning wheel or spindle and learn how to turn all of this fleece I will be having into the beautiful yarns and rovings that I see my goatie friends posting on FB.  All things in good time.

That is something else that I must mention, a shout out if you will.  I have met some of the most wonderful people in the Angora goat forums and the general goat forums on Facebook.  All of them are just as nice as they can be and are quick to offer any help and advice that they can.  Some have years of experience and some are just getting started like me and I have learned something new every day from all of them.   I am forever grateful to those in the Colored Angora Group on FB for all of their knowledge and wisdom on raising these beautiful but often complex animals – Kai Mohair, Persimmon Tree Farm, MamaSheri, Red Falcon Ranch, Scarlet Sunset Sears, Lisa Skillman, Emmelita Hoskins, Judy Willimas, Mindy Wilson and many more….I can’t possibly name them all.   Thank you for your friendship and your advice, it is truly appreciated.

That’s all for now!  Ya’ll have a great day 🙂


Jude 052413_Belfire copyright

Maggie 052413_Belfire copyright

Pru closeup 052413_Belfire copyright

Making sure they all listen_Belfire

Grace is our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dog

Grace is our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dog

Spice.Mocha.Brighid_Belfire Copyright

Brighid 2.5 months 042313_Belfire copyright

Sam at 5.5 months old