Celebrating Yule 2013

Nature is Sacred

Happy Yule everyone. Also known as the Winter Solstice or Alban Arthan (Light of Winter) to Druids, it is the time to celebrate midwinter and the new solar year. Throughout human history, festivals have been celebrated at this time, whether as Saturnalia in ancient Rome, Yule in Anglo Saxon and Scandinavia, or Christmas in Christian communities. Today is the shortest day and the longest night and the Solstice occurs at 17.11 GMT on 21st December. Since the summer, the days have been getting shorter and colder, but from now on, days will begin to lengthen and get warmer as we approach Spring again. It is a time of hope and renewal.

Yule is known as the day when the Sun is reborn because the earth has reaches its furthest point from the Sun and begins to get closer again after this. Wiccans celebrate this day with the myth of the…

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