Ummm…where did this week go???

I have been meaning to get on here all week and now here it is Thursday….night.  I don’t do my best writing at night so just bear with me 🙂  Tomorrow is Friday and I’ll be busy in the kitchen baking bread for the Market on Saturday.  Last Saturday I sold 8 loaves of Parmesan Herb bread and 6 loaves of my Honey Wheat bread.  Big grin.  I’m glad folks like my bread as much as I do.

Yum…TinMan just brought me some popcorn.  He makes popcorn the old-fashioned way… a pan on the stove.  He hates the microwave….LOL.

So, what have we been up to this week?  Not much farm related, unfortunately.  I can’t remember really, it seems like we should have been incredibly busy for it to be Thursday night and I haven’t written anything.  On Monday I went to my oldest son’s school to see about getting him some help.  Dontcha just LOVE government schools?  Hmph.  I wish they would abolish the Dept of Education but that’s another post.  He has ADD and behavior problems in class.  He’s a great kid, smart, has soooooo much potential but his behavior in class (he’s the class clown, loves to make others laugh and just can’t seem to stay in his seat) is keeping him out of class more than in it.  I met with a wonderful lady who runs a counseling service that is contracted with the County Schools.  She is also into homeopathic remedies and herbals, etc.  She understands my reluctance to put John on any kind of pills.  I don’t want a zombie for a son.  They are going to work with John during school and during the summer so hopefully next year will be much better.  That, for once, was a positive experience.

Monday afternoon and evening I spent taking pictures outside.  Lots of neat storm clouds about.  Took a lot of wildcrafting pics of plants and flowers out in the fields.  The grass has gotten so deep it’s about chest high on me….Bandit, my dog, was having a field day running through the long,tall grass.  I’ll get the pics posted soon.

Tuesday….hmmmm.  What did I do on Tuesday?  Oh…..We rearranged things in my
“office space” in preparation for me starting my new job on Monday.   We were doing that while waiting for the Century Link guy to come connect my new business phone line.  My appt time was set for Tuesday between 8am -5pm.  At 4:45 pm I had to call them to find out where the tech was at……oh, he’s running behind and won’t make it to your house today.  He’ll be there first thing in the morning.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  Needless to say I wasn’t happy.  Did they care?  NOPE.  Customer service sucks nowadays….if you get any at all.

Wednesday….waiting around for the Century Link guy.  Again.  10am….no tech yet.  So, I called them up again.  Where’s the tech?  On terminal hold until some person  comes back and tells me that the tech will have to call me, he’s not answering their calls.  The tech finally arrives at 11am.  He says that yes, he was to come yesterday but they aren’t allowed overtime anymore so he didn’t come.  They didn’t put me back on his list for today either, if I hadn’t called back in he would never have shown up on Wednesday!!!!  Can you say stupid and incompetent?  Oh, not the tech….Jimmy was GREAT!  Very helpful and very knowledgeable.  In and out in an hour.

The rest of yesterday evening I spent repotting seedlings in the greenhouse in the peace and quiet.  Except for the birds and the breeze 🙂  I now have 54 sweet basil plants ready to sell, 40 calendulas, 40 wormwood, about 10 borage also ready.  I will also have some Holy Basil and motherwort to sell.  I love standing out in the greenhouse playing in the dirt and planting seedlings that I’ve grown myself.  Nothing like it…..

Today we had bunches of errands to run in town, got those done and got home about time for the boys to get here from school.  I also spent time in the garden this evening getting rid of a PEST.  Discovered Potato bugs (Colorado potato Beetle) all over my potatoes and that they have destroyed 2 of them already.  Not so many choices in getting rid of them either.  One of the choices is to pick them off by hand and put them into a bucket of soapy water.  My Dad came this evening and brought us some Sevin dust.   We managed to get that onto all of the plants tonight.  Let’s hope it works.

Well, I’m sitting here nodding off now…LOL.  I guess it’s time to hit the sack and get up and do it all over again.

Night all and thanks for reading!



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