Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there!  No one really understands being a mother until you are one.  How hard it is knowing that from their birth you are responsible for the way that that little human will turn out as an adult.  You.  Big responsibility that doesn’t come with any owner’s manual or how to guide.  Doesn’t matter how many books you read or what advice you receive from whom….you are still basically winging it from the get go.

My Mom, Jane

I know that I would not be the strong, independent and happy woman I am today without the unwavering guidance, love and support of my Mom.  She has been there with me through thick and thin.  I know that there have been times that I would not have made it through without her help.  Period.  We do not always agree on things which is as it should be, she raised me to be an independent thinker and to forge my own way in life.  She has always allowed me to make my mistakes without putting in her two cents first (well, almost always…LOL).  But she has never shut the door on me either when I’ve made them and come back to her for advice or just a shoulder to cry on.   And believe me, there have been some doozy mistakes made on my part!!  Remind to tell you about….ah, never mind 🙂

My mom is a wonderfully strong woman, stubborn and opinionated.   Although she would never admit the stubborn part…LOL.  She says that she has reached the age where she can say what she wants and she really doesn’t care if you like it or not.  She is funny as hell and has the same off beat sense of humor that I do, she loves to laugh.  She also loves to act like “one of the guys” when she is with my brother and his cohorts…she usually succeeds cause they all love her and call her Mom too.  She was part of their racing team (and loved every minute of it!) when my brother Dan raced ATV’s semi-pro.  She has always been like that, Mom to every one of mine and my brother’s friends.  Her door has always been open to any of them for anything that they need from teenage years on up to today as adults.   Her mantra in life is that she is going to live to be 100 or older so she can continue to be a pest and see her grandchildren have children.  I have no doubt that she will.   My son’s love her to pieces and so do my brother’s girls.

I got my love of gardening and flowers from her as well.  When I was growing up we always had gardens whenever we had the space for them….both vegetable and flowers.  We love to play in the dirt.  My mom’s family were all country folk so she grew up around farming and always wanted for us to have a farm and animals.  That dream became mine as well somewhere along the way and now I am finally doing it.  She loves coming here to the farm and seeing what we are doing and helping in the plans.

I can only hope that some day my son’s will be able to look back and say the same things of me.  I am raising them as I was raised, or trying to at least.  But this world we are living in now is so different from when I was growing up.  The challenges they face are a world apart from the challenges you and I faced growing up in so many ways.  I am trying to give and teach them the skills they need to survive.  To instill in them the values of family, love, honor and hard work.  The same values that my mother instilled in me.  I love them and tell them so every day.  They may not always think so….smile…but then I wouldn’t be doing my job if they “liked” me all the time…..I am after all, Mom…..the Queen Goddess Empress of all the Universe and well, whatever I say goes.  Right?  Right? 🙂

May the Goddess Bless all of our Mothers on this day and all days, for their guidance, strength, humor and unconditional love and support.

Hugs to all,



3 responses to “Mother’s Day

  1. What a lovely dedication blog to you mom Storm…nice job. I’ve always thought of my mom as my friend as well as the woman who raised me. We can only hope for the best with our children and hope they realize what being a mom is all about.

  2. Nice post……Happy Mum’s Day to you…………Hugs…….Jamie

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