UPDATE: NEW Job Interview

UPDATE:  I have another job interview this week.  This one I LIKE, REALLY LIKE.  I had a telephone interview last week with the supervisor and the owner of the company. That interview went really well, they got some good references (Thanks Sue and Laura!!!) and now they have have called me for a face-to-face interview at their office in Maryland.  It is for a nursing job (Workers Comp Case Management) but one that will allow me to work from home, right here at my desk.  It will also allow for some flexibility so that if I need to do something here, like make bread, etc, I can do it.   PERFECT!!  The folks that I spoke with sound like really nice people to work for and the company is not this huge corporate conglomerate, which makes a hell of a difference.  I’m very excited about this interview.  I hope that it goes well.  We will be traveling up on Wednesday so I can meet with them and then traveling back the same day.  Whew!

While I am not really 1000% excited about returning to work (who would be after 5 months of freedom? LOL) we do need the additional income to help with the farm and buying a truck, etc.  So say a prayer for me if you would, this is one nursing job that would be good to have and I’d really like it, I think 🙂

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as to how it goes!



I am among the thousands of unemployed right now……at first that thought scared the crap out of me.  Being unemployed.  No income.  But they approved me for unemployment so I am getting those funds which to a certain extent I hate.  I told TinMan I’m just viewing it as the social security that I will never receive that I’ve paid into all of these years….LOL.   I don’t like being dependent upon the government for my living.  That being said, I don’t want to go back to work as a nurse either.  I’m in one of those catch-22 places in my life.  If I take a job making less money per hour than I was making at my last job, my unemployment will disappear but I won’t be making as much money as if I had remained unemployed.  Ugh.  I’m one of those folks I love to dislike.  Even though I am a nurse it has not been easy finding a job in my narrow niche specialties of Home Health and Worker’s Compensation case management.  This area is really depressed economically and I’ve lost 2 nursing jobs in the last year.  Honestly, I keep thinking that the Goddess is trying to tell me that I’m done with nursing….to move on and find what I am really meant to be doing with my life.

A note on unemployment:  To maintain the unemployment funds you have to apply for at minimum 2 jobs per week.  Some weeks it’s hard to even find 2 jobs to apply for that 1) I feel I’m qualified for as a nurse or 2) that I feel that I could perform well or enjoy doing that is not a nursing  job.  I’m trying to keep the nursing jobs I apply for local because I’ve promised the boys that we are NOT moving again.  I don’t want to move again either.  They are settled in school and I love living on the farm.  I could not find this lifestyle for them in or close to a bigger city where nursing jobs abound.  SO, every week I dutifully apply for at least 2 jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to work.  I want to earn my own way.  I just don’t want to do it as a nurse anymore.  I want to start my own business, which TinMan and I are doing with the farm and Belfire Botanicals.  I think we can make a success of it as long as I can devote the time needed to helping run it.  There is so much to be done here on the farm and in getting ready for the opening of the Farmer’s Market on May 7th.  I really don’t have time for a full time job.  Why am I agonizing over this today?  I have a job interview this afternoon.  It is with the local hospital in their wound clinic – mind you, I have interviewed at this hospital for at least 4 different jobs now and haven’t been hired. However this job is one that  I would be very suited to with my skills from home health nursing.  I don’t want to go for the interview.  I’m afraid they might offer me the job and I really don’t want it.  However, if they offer and I turn it down….the unemployment funds will stop.  It’s not much money but it is helping us stay afloat right now.

Catch-22.  Crossroads.  If it were just me and TinMan, we could survive on his monthly income…it would be tight but do-able.  But….I am a mom with 2 kids.  I love my boys…..wouldn’t trade them for anything and they need/want things that I can’t give them without that “extra” income from a full time job.  (Do they really need all of the things they want….no). Responsibility sucks sometimes…smile.   So here I sit with a dilemma.  I am living the life I want to live right now.  Getting up each day and working on the business and building the farm back up.  I spent yesterday out in the garden getting it ready to plant – tilling up the soil and adding fertilizer.  Looking at new little flower seedlings popping up in a flower bed that I have cleaned out and added plants to.  This is the life I want, not working from 8am-5pm everyday in a windowless hospital clinic.  Money isn’t everything, at least it shouldn’t be.  Right now I’m home when the boys get home from school.  I’m able to allow my eldest son to be on the football team because I have the ability to pick him up from practice 3 afternoons a week.  If I go back to work I don’t know how those things will work out because we only have one car.  I don’t know how the business will work out because I won’t be able to devote the time needed to it without over-stressing myself.  I don’t want to go back to being stressed out and overworked.   I don’t much like myself when I get that way.

So…what to do?  Do I waste the interviewer’s time (and mine) by interviewing for a job I don’t want?  Cause I really don’t want it.  I am a nurse….a healer in my heart.  I just don’t want to be a nurse in today’s world anymore.  I don’t enjoy it anymore.  I want to heal in other ways now….more natural, earthly ways.   I’ve spent the past few months healing myself from all of the stress of my previous jobs…..I like the person I am becoming out from under all of that stress.

So…what do I do?  I think I will go stand outside in the sun and thank the Goddess for this wonderful life I’m leading right now and put it all in her hands.  My heart tells me I’m right where I’m supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Thanks for listening to me ramble this morning…sometimes it just helps to talk it out, ya know?  BTW…please feel free to comment, leave me your thoughts, etc.  I would love to have feedback!

Blessings, Storm


8 responses to “UPDATE: NEW Job Interview

  1. I have no clue if it is even an option for you, but have you ever considered going and becoming a certified herbalist or to school to become a naturopath? Just a thought. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the comment, Foxchild! Actually, I have thought about it. My fella TinMan is an herbalist and I’ve actually thought about going to school for Holistic Nursing. Any form of certification takes money though so I am studying through him right now. I am looking into grants for this sort of thing too.

  2. WOW Storm…this entry made me suddenly aware (as if I didnt know already *laughs* how fucked up my own state of affairs is…I cried! I so feel your pain! I know how frustrating this is because the economy is just such a mess right now…and I really wish I had some words of wisdom to share with you (and myself!) but the only thing I can say is you have my love, friendship, and support….Dont give up! You’ve come too far since I met you on Path of the Craft to give up now…and yea…why not look into that whole Holistic Nursing or Herbal School…you have a gift Storm…its time to take advantage of the Goddess knowledge you do have! All my love honey…xoxoxox

    • Thanks, Morgs! It has been a long day to say the least. I really feel like I am doing what I’m supposed to so as I said I’m just trusting in the Goddess to keep me on the right path.

  3. missdisplaced

    Is it really hard to find work as a nurse? I thought those jobs were so needed. I see job postings for nurses all the time. Although to be honest, many seem to be in geriatrics or home hospice.

    It seems that you can use your education as a nurse to possibly turn to other areas of healthcare.

  4. I originally found you researching poison ivy. It seems I have inadvertantly spread it throughout my backyard. So far I have not had any rashes, but I am taking your advice seriously. 🙂 It was this post though that really struck a chord with me. I found myself quitting a job about seven months ago as a teacher after being in the field for twenty years. I too felt a sense of relief, not because I didnot enjoy teaching (it was the administration of the private school I worked for that induced me to quit), but because I feel myself being pulled in new directions. I can’t get unemployment because I quit which means I have to either find another job or create some other means of income. So far I am substituting and doing another very part-time job. I also have the luxury of being an empty nester, so it is just me and my husband. Anyway I just felt like sharing because I support your intension of developing your farm (I live in the city) and pursuing your own dreams. It can be hard, but keep the faith.

    • Sharlyn, thank you very much for your comment, it is much appreciated! Thankfully my poison ivy itchies have subsided, I thought I was going to go nuts there for awhile….LOL. An update on the job interview last week – the job turned out to be way more than I wanted to take on right now. They are looking for someone to completely revamp their inpatient wound assessment program – among other things. I said thanks, but no thanks….5 years ago, maybe, but not today. I think I will stick to farming right now 🙂 I feel so much better without all of the stress. I’ll be checking out your blog too!

  5. Well done my dear! Well done! Hugs! Jamie

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