Very Berry Smoothie

Okay, this is what I am having for brunch today…..very easy to make and very healthy too!!

Ingredients: I don’t measure, btw….just add whatever feels right 🙂 and depends on how many you want to make, the ingredients listed here make a blender full

  • frozen triple berry mix (I get it from Sam’s) or you can use fresh in season
  • fresh strawberries ~ 4-5 med sized, sliced
  • one banana, sliced
  • fresh goat’s milk ~ about ~2 cups –  if you don’t have access to goat’s milk, you can use whole milk, ice cream, or fruit flavored juice.
  • vanilla yogurt ~ 1-3 heaping serving spoons full (maybe 2 cups if you measured)
  • honey to taste
  • bee pollen ~ about 2 heaping TBSP
  • wheat germ ~ about 2 heaping TBSP

Blend all the ingredients very well in the blender then pour into a glass……YUM!





3 responses to “Very Berry Smoothie

  1. I love new recipes thanks for posting this. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Stop by and check out our recipes sometime.

    Rise and Shine Eggs

    • Thank you very much! I love new recipes too and I’m constantly looking for something “different” to cook. I will definitely be checking out your blog!

  2. Excellent! Sounds tasty…will try this with the twins over the summer! Thanks for sharing! xoxox

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