Well, it’s raining.  And will be raining the rest of the week.  And cold.  It’s also spring break for the boys.  Where did spring go?  I have so much to do outside.  so much they could be helping with since they are out of school.  Sigh.  We have to finish the greenhouse.  Finish the chicken coop.  Put fertilizer down on the garden – which should have been done already but for one reason or another it hasn’t been done.  Cabbages and such should already be in the ground.  And here it is the end of March.  Where does the time go?  Personally I think the weather has switched months on us – you know, April Showers and all that.  We had the windy month from heck in February and now we have all the rain from April in March.  Maybe April will afford some nice, sunny warm days.  Hope springs eternal.

Tom Turkey parading around this morning

TinMan was just looking out the window, watching the birds on the feeder, when a movement in the distance caught his eye.  It was large and dark.  At first, he thought that it was a black bear because of the size – we have some in the area, but haven’t seen any on the farm….yet.  What he saw meandering through the rain drenched trees and tall grass was a Turkey….a huge male turkey.   Only the one.  Which is unusual to see just the one….maybe he has his harem stashed somewhere else on the farm.  It sure would be nice to have a big, fresh turkey on the table.  Of course once turkey season comes in they will all disappear….LOL.  Frustrating for the hunters in my family.


UPDATE:  Able to get pics of the turkeys!


Tom and his harem...LOL

a little blurry...but he's sayin "Ya'll can kiss me tail feathers!

Sigh…rain.  I know we need it and it really is making all of the grass and trees pretty and green, but….grrrrr.   Well, since I am not going to be outside today, there are plenty of things to do inside.  I need to bake more bread – seems we run out every other day.  I made 2 loaves on Sunday and my mom called me wanting a loaf on Sunday night.  She says that she has gotten so used to eating my home made honey wheat bread that she can’t eat that “store bought yucky crap” anymore….LOL.  I’m glad.  I’ll do a blog on the trials of getting homemade bread just right on another day.

While I’m waiting for the bread to rise I have work to do with the seedlings I have already coming up in trays.  I need to get some of them thinned out and repotted into single pots.

Cukes (L) and Blue Lake Bush Beans (R)

Cukes (L) and Blue Lake Bush Beans (R)

I have some bush green beans that are actually big enough to plant in the garden bed….if it was ready and warm enough.  They caught me by surprise by shooting right up and being ready so quick.

The seeds have really liked the side porch we have put them on to get started.  It has morning sun, when it’s sunny….LOL.  I also need to get some more seeds started – herbs and flowers for the most part.  I am hoping that I will have enough extra seedlings for selling at the farmer’s market when it opens on May 7th.

All of the seeds that I am using are heirloom and non-GMO.  That is very important in this day and age, especially for vegetable and grain seeds.  You have to be careful what you buy in the way of seeds, lots of them that are being sold now are distributed by companies that are owned by Monsanto (evil company!).  Those seeds will produce plants only one time and will put out sterile seeds.  Sigh…I will not get on that soapbox today….not enough time and it makes my blood pressure go up….LOL.    I will blog about them another day.  Anyway, make sure that any seeds you buy are heirloom and from a reputable company.   I am hoping that I will have enough extra seedlings for selling at the farmer’s market when it opens on May 7th.

Well, I guess I had better get off me arse and get to doing something or the day will have gone by and I’ll still be sitting here lost in the sauce….LOL.  Talk to ya’ll again soon…..

Blessings and may your day be bright wherever you are!



One response to “Rain

  1. Nice blog…even if it’s raining. Sunny here and in the 50’s but my family west of us and those up North are getting….SNOW!!! Flurries? They should be so lucky…nope… 6-12 inches!!!
    The pics are really nice, and gets me so in the mood for gardening!

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