Hmmmm….what to write?

Okay, so here I am.  I have a blog with all of this nice blank space in it….LOL.  What do I write about?  I will start with why did I choose the name “Rosemary by the Garden Gate?”  Well, in trying to figure out a name, everywhere I looked said that the name of your blog should say something about yourself.  Hmmmm.  I love herbs.  I love growing herbs.  My fella and I are working on a business that is about medicinal herbs, among other things.

The title came to me from one of my favorite quotes from the movie Practical Magic. Originally stated by Shakespeare, I think, and elaborated upon by Sally Owens in the movie:

“There are some things I know for certain: always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder; keep rosemary by your garden gate; plant lavender for luck; and fall in love whenever you can.”

There is also that little rumor running around that in a house with Rosemary by the gate, the woman rules….LOL.  I’m not sure about that, but the thought has merit.

In any case, I love herbs.  Rosemary is one of the first herbs that I ever planted in one of my first gardens.  It has many benefits magickally, culinary and medicinally.  The witch in me uses it for protection, it dispels evil and negative workings against you.  It works to bring clarity and positive energy into your home.  That is why you will often see Rosemary sprigs hanging in a witch’s home.  Medicinally, Rosemary (Rosemarinus Officinalis) is a wonderful antioxidant.  It has antibacterial properties and was once burned in braziers in hospital wards as a disinfectant.  It also works as a nervine and relaxant.  It relaxes smooth muscles of the digestive tract as well as the uterus, making it good for a sour stomach and for menstrual cramps.  As a nervine it is good to put in teas for depression and for calming the nerves.  So go buy a Rosemary plant if you don’t have one….even if it’s just for the lovely scent as you brush by it on the way out of YOUR gate….smile.

A little about myself ~ I am a witch, a nurse, a healer, wise woman walking the path of the olde ways.  I am a single mom.  I have 2 boys at the very difficult ages of 10 and 13, both trying to find their way in this crazy world we live in.  I am currently unemployed and not sure I want to be a nurse anymore….at least not the way they think nurses should practice nowadays.  I always envisioned myself as a community healer….a village nurse.  I envisioned this even before I started down the path as a Witch and in some ways it is what drew me to the Craft….the art of being the village wise woman and healer. I really wish folks (not pointing fingers anywhere in particular!) would truly explore what it means to be a witch instead of assuming that we are all devil worshipping evil people.  Nothing could be farther from the truth…..but that is a discussion for another day.

It is not my intention that this blog will be an “herbal remedy” blog.  My fella, The TinMan, has that covered over on Belfire Botanicals (check him out!).  Nor will it be solely about my Path, witches, the Craft or pagans as a regular topic.  It has been my thought that this blog will be for me to discuss (er…ramble on about) what’s going on in our lives as we work with friends in the endeavor of rebuilding a farm.  Our day to day life working to make the farm sustainable again.  Gardening, chickens, and goats eventually.  Maybe even a cow or two down the road.  I will be writing about my (and our) trials and tribulations, the funny stuff and not so funny stuff.  It is going to be a learning and a teaching experience for all of us.  We all have different skills and viewpoints so it should be interesting.

I am sure that some of my political and not so political (witchy) views will make their way into my writings as well….any who choose to read my blog can take from it what they will or not.  No hard feelings.  I believe that we ALL have something to teach and something to learn……not only from each other, but from the Mother Earth and all of her miracles.

I am a spiritual person and lately I’ve been trying to find my way and figure out exactly what that means to me.  I am not Christian, however, I do believe in a higher Spiritual being.  To me, that Higher spirit is most often represented by the Goddess, Gaia, Brighid, Mother Earth.  I believe that Jesus walked the Earth and that he was an incredible Prophet, Teacher and Man…just a man with all of the usual faults of mankind.  How else could he walk in our shoes and know who we are? I don’t know if he was the son of a God or the God, whoever that may be.  Some folks say you have to have Faith in order to believe that….well, I have Faith…in many things, but I also Question.  Another favorite quote of mine is by Thomas Jefferson,

“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”

The meaning of that to me is clear….if God exists then he gave us the reasoning, the ability to question his very existence.  To question is to learn is to understand.  Not to Fear.

The day I understand it all……I’ll let you know…LOL.  For now, I will close by saying that no matter what happens to you in life, take the best from it and move on….move forward.




10 responses to “Hmmmm….what to write?

  1. Wonderful blog Storm!! I’ll be bookmarking this! Love ya xoxox

  2. Rosemary…….. One of my favorite herbs. Glad you got the urge to write. I can’t wait til you get into the meat and potatoes of writing this blog. If not for anything else. I’m sure it will preserve a daily journal of our trials, joys, tribulations, excitement, enthusiasm for finally doing what we both want in our lives. After all, doing what you like is what happiness is all about
    The TinMan

    • With only one exception, more than anyone else ever has, my love….you see me. Thank you for deciding to stay and share your life with me.

  3. Hi sistah…nice blog. Blogging is just like journaling…I started on awhile ago..probably over a year ago now, and I keep forgetting to add to it!
    Rosemary, was my dad’s favorite herb; he always had it both in the garden and indoors, but he liked it for cooking and the scent of course.

    Keep up the good work, u’ve done the hardest part already! Good luck babe..

  4. It has everything a blog should have….information, entertainment, and wisdom! I am soooooo very proud of you my dear! You have come so far since I first met you one long night many years ago…..You are a wonderful writer and an even more wonderful friend. Blessings! Jamie

    • Thank you my sweet Scot! Thank you for always being in my corner….and for being a truly great friend. You have helped me through alot over the last few years and for that you will always have my loyalty, love and friendship. Now, keep me honest and if something I write sucks, tell me! LOL

  5. Ok one question, how did you get the share buttons on it? I havent quite figured that part out yet!

  6. The tsehootsootsie Healing circle on FB is always talking about trying to recruit your idea of a nurse at the Navajo reservation. It might be somethin to consider. We have a few things in common I see. Nice to meet you, sorta. 💚

    • Hi Sheri, we have met, sorta already…lol. Thank you for reading my blog that is so woefully out of date 🙂 In my younger days I often thought about coming out west and working on a reservation. Nursing now is sooooo far from what it should be. I love the aspect of caring for and teaching people and families. I have often thought I was born too late. I am glad to know that we have things in common and hope to keep growing that list as time moves on. Got to get back to writing I know that……

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